Our Story

The Brand

Maximum impact, minimal waste is the brand ethos.


To me it's not only how something looks, but also for how it feels, worn on us or in our homes. I believe in the magic of the feel good factor. For this reason every item is made with love, wrapped and packaged beautifully so to make you smile when you receive.

The environmental impact is important to me so I source materials made from

eco-friendly materials and use recyclable packaging. Doing our part to care for the planet makes me happy! When you buy from us you're helping to support good things too!


The Designer

I'm Vicki Hodges, mum to beautiful twin daughters, wife to Sam and dog owner to Pip the cocker spaniel. Amidst the chaos of family life I find my tranquillity through creating!


Each collection is thoughtfully designed in our London studio in Greenwich using skilfully handcrafted knotted macrame techniques.