The Process


Each collection is thoughtfully designed in our London studio.
Skilfully handcrafted with intricate, traditional knotted macrame techniques.

Created to make an impact.

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Knottedly sources eco-friendly materials because small changes can have a big impact.

I made the conscious decision to work with Bobbiny as they are a brand that are proud to be eco-friendly.

Recycled cotton is used to make their cord, no water, dyes or toxic chemicals are used in the process of production so this saves energy and reduce the CO2 emissions. Not only are they an eco brand but the cords are super soft and the range of colours is fantastic.


When I receive a parcel and it's wrapped in too much unnecessary plastic it frustrates me, and I know you may feel this too, so for this reason I use only eco-friendly packaging.

There's no compromise on style or design though because I know how much a pretty package can make us smile. 

Each item is carefully wrapped in tissue, sealed with a sticker and placed into a recyclable gift box, then sent in a 100% biodegradable and compostable mail bag.

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