Hello, I'm Vicki Hodges, mum to beautiful twin daughters, wife to Sam and dog owner to Pip the cocker spaniel. I work from my studio at home in Greenwich, London, where I've been designing and creating since 2014.

My aim is to not only share my passion for this craft, but also inspire people to fall in love with the macrame movement. I have spent many hours practicing and perfecting the techniques of macrame. It is a therapeutic art form that becomes addictive, so soon I was designing and creating aesthetic bohemian pieces I felt would be perfect for any home.

"Meraki [may-rah-kee]​

When you leave a piece of yourself, your soul, creativity, and love in what you do. To put a little bit of yourself into something."

This quote sums up how I feel when I handcraft each design and I love the idea of adding love, and the essence of myself to everything I create.


I formed the brand ethos around the combination of the artisan skill of macrame, being eco-conscious and the impression the art gives. 


Products and packaging are sourced with sustainability in mind, using recycled materials, so you know when you buy from us you're helping to support good things too!

Welcome to Knottedly x

Vicki Hodges